View Full Version : Condor signs Danilo Dirani

03-22-06, 04:10 PM
Dirani, 23, is one of the world's most experienced Formula 3 racers. Last year, he was recruited by Lola to develop the marque's new B05/30 chassis in the British championship, and won two races - the first two of the season - to finish sixth in points against a practically all-Dallara field. He took the South American F3 title in '03 after being that championship's runner-up (to Nelson Piquet Jr.) the year before.


New Condor Motorsport signing Danilo Dirani expressed his concern from within his team's humble (in comparison) installations: "I think Forsythe has spent the equivalent of half our budget on pit cosmetics alone..."

We'll have to wait to hear from Corkski to find out why Danilo sucks too :rolleyes: