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03-30-03, 12:18 AM

"I've been the perfect crash-test dummy for the HANS ... one forward impact and one rear impact," said de Ferran, who will miss next month's IRL race at Motegi, Japan, but should be ready for Indianapolis in May.

a good read

03-30-03, 12:25 AM
Knocked unconscious in both accidents, de Ferran says wearing a neck brace and dealing with the discomfort of fractures isn't as bad as his head injury.

"Another concussion is no fun, that's the part that bothers me the most, because you become a little slower," he said. "It's funny, you're smart enough to realize you're slow and that's the part I like the least."

Need I say more.

03-30-03, 12:25 AM
It would have been nice if the article had addressed the fact that the IRL has more injuries of this type than CART does, and that it's due to the poor design of the CrapWagons. :mad:

03-30-03, 01:06 AM
At least Olvey is on the case.

Elmo T
04-01-03, 09:04 AM
This whole concussion things worries me with Gil. I don't want to keep reading about GdF in the same vain as Eric Lindros.

He has shown himself to be a true racer, what else is there to prove?

04-01-03, 11:09 AM
Originally posted by Elmo T
He has shown himself to be a true racer, what else is there to prove?

I'm not sure. This is an interesting comment:

"The way I look at my career, it’s not about setting historical marks," de Ferran said. "It’s not about winning the most races. Racing has always been a selfish pleasure for me. It’s about enjoying your own performances."

This whole situation reminds me of Stirling Moss thoughts about his private tests after the Goodwood accident where he decided he was not his "old" self and that the driving was now conscious work instead of a natural activity for him.