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01-04-03, 02:00 AM
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01-04-03, 10:33 AM
Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh!

Now... if we could just get the Raiders and the Wings to take home their respective Championship trophies, I'd consider it a sign from God and probably stop drinking'!

(Well, I'd at least consider it a sign from God...)

Winter Warlock!

01-04-03, 10:36 AM
Man O Man

I just woke up and my heads pounding

I screamed my lungs out at the sports bar the Mrs and I was watching the game at. I was standing next to some loud mouth Miami fan the whole night. It was like having to watch a CART game next to Silva.

I swear even if the Bucks went down in flames they gave us a great season and I was happy, but Jim Tressel and the boys delivered one last heart stopper.

01-04-03, 12:37 PM
Originally posted by Napoleon
I was standing next to some loud mouth Miami fan the whole night. It was like having to watch a CART game next to Silva.

Sounds like a blast Nap - btw did Mr Silva-cane insist on re-quoting everything you said, and picking it apart one chant at a time?:D

01-04-03, 01:41 PM
Actually "Silva" I was standing next to is the coach of a local high school basketball team and played basketball at Baldwin Wallice while Lee Tressel, Jim Tressels dad, was football coach. He had good things to say about the Tressel family.

The guy was talking smack before the game about how he loves it at his games, when they are playing away, how the home crowd goes silent when his team is winning and predicted the bar I was in would be the same by the end.

In the end he was silent and he slipped out just as the game ended.


Classic Apex
01-04-03, 03:14 PM
Congrats, OSU and Buckeye fans.

I really didn't think they could pull it off last night.

I take back everything I said about 'em. Them and Iowa on a neutral field (or any field), Buckeyes win hands-down. No doubt they are the better team, they sure as hell proved it last night.

01-04-03, 04:11 PM

01-04-03, 09:53 PM
The Big 10 really showed well this year in the bowl games. :cool: