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Andrew Longman
09-01-05, 12:04 PM
I got the below from my wife's cousin in TO. He's thinking of going to MoSport this weekend and has questions I can't answer about ALMS, SCCA, etc.

Anyone? Anyone?

With the prospect of going to Mosport for the ALMS race getting better,
I've been doing a little research.

I'm a bit confused about the relationship between ALMS and SCCA.

On the one hand ALMS, under IMSA, has a GT1 and GT2 series.

SCCA has their own GT category.

There is also the Ontario Touring GT championships.

All three associations will be holding races at Mosport this weekend.

Are they rivals or are they different levels of the food chain?

I won't even get into Paul Gentilozi's Trans Am series and the Grand
American GT Cup!

I could understand if these were regional circuits, but they seem to be
racing all over the country. How many "GT" series can North Americans
follow? Which is the top level, and who are the pretenders?

I noticed a few Canadians David Empringham and Scott Maxwell are at the top
of the Grand American GT Cup standings. These guys were both highly touted
like Andrew Ranger in the days of Indy Lights. They're no Ron Fellows or
anything...but it would be quite a shootout if they ever were in the same

09-01-05, 12:10 PM
Ermmm... ? Another rich guy with a Vision™ tying a series to one race. Just the plan to destroy sportscar racing in North America. We've seen this before, remember? :flame:

09-01-05, 12:37 PM
IMSA/ALMS are professional, international motorsports associated with the LeMans 24 Hour race.

SCCA GT classes are club racing.