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03-12-03, 09:50 AM
From motorsportstv.com (http://www.motorsportstv.com)

SPEED Aussie F1 Ratings In

The results are in for the first broadcasts of this year's Formula One racing on Speed Channel. The race did a very respectable .54 rating on Saturday night, drawing 307,000 households.

Thursday night's qualifying sessions had a .27 rating with 154,000 households. This is 10,000 more than the dirt race lead in, which did a .25 with 144,000 households. Friday night's session garnered a .31 rating, with 174,000 households. (Speed Channel) (3/12)

03-12-03, 10:12 AM
So who is keeping tabs on SpeedTV? I thought since they were not a major network no one cared who was watching what.