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07-24-05, 01:48 AM


one big http://forums.racingone.com/forum/i/authorsicons/gomer.gif for this one

07-24-05, 07:00 AM
You really wonder about the post ¥en IRL when they have to go digging in the dirt looking for their roots again.

07-24-05, 12:25 PM
If those two cars facing each other don't tell the story, nothing will. :shakehead

07-25-05, 05:45 PM
I try really hard not to make fun of peoples' looks, but Doug Wolfgang is the guy that this :gomer: is modeled after.

07-25-05, 07:55 PM
If those two cars facing each other don't tell the story, nothing will. :shakehead

The sprint car is thinking, "That thing looks like a race car - only lame."

Andrew Longman
07-26-05, 10:05 AM
"Seventeen drivers have competed in both the Indianapolis 500 and the Knoxville Nationals. They include Tom Bigelow, Billy Boat, Larry Cannon, Sarah Fisher, Jack Hewitt, Bubby Jones, Sheldon Kinser, Steve Kinser, Lee Kunzman, Jud Larson, Jan Opperman, Roger Rager, Joe Saldana, Al Unser Jr., Rich Vogler, Greg Weld, and Carl Williams."

With that list of household names and racing legends its no wonder that they need to retighten their tie to Indy. :rolleyes:

The fact is, like every other racing series and local track in the country, Nascar Nation is kicking their butt, grabbing all the racing leisure time, attention, fan and sponsor dollars.

07-26-05, 11:01 AM
The sad but interesting thing about that list is only one of the drivers actually amounted to anything at Indy. And Al Unser, Jr. learned more about modern racing in the neoCan-Am than he ever did at Knoxville.

07-26-05, 01:55 PM
Gee, so toeknee is going back to old fishing hole one more time. The twirl is saved. *yawn*

Unless they announce the adoption of the new silver crown pavement cars as the "next" vision of the Vision (tm), this will amount to absolutlely nothing.

I'm continuosly stumped why the gomers think you can pluck a bullring hero out of a front engined dirt car and put them in a rear engine formula car on pavement and shazamm! Instant hero.

It's like handing Barry Bonds a set of golf clubs and sending Tiger Woods out to hit homeruns.
:gomer: "But they both use a stick to hit a ball a long ways...and they are both famous...and gee, they both look like that George Mack feller.. :gomer: