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03-10-03, 10:46 AM
I need a concrete slab 16'x6'x6".

Did I do the calculations properly when I came up with 5.33 yards of material?


03-10-03, 10:58 AM
Oooppss.. I found a formula on diynet.com that indicates it would be 1.777 yards.

I thought that 5+ sounded like way too much.
Double check me any way if you can.

Thanks a lot.

(I was calculating sq yards not cubic yards, duh!)

03-10-03, 11:22 AM
Yeah... 1.77 yds. If you're getting the concrete from a redi-mix concrete company (in other words, a concrete truck delivers it) you may want to see how much they charge for a "short load". Many companies charge as much as an extra $50/yd for deliveries under 2 yards. Therefore, instead of paying 1.3/4 yd x $70 per yd = $123.90, you pay 1.3/4 yd x ($70+$50) = $212.40. It may pay to bump up the yardage you order to just above the short-load limit (2 yd x $70 = $140).

Whatever you do, make sure you order enough... having to call back for an extra 1/2 yd is expensive!

Winter Warlock!

03-10-03, 06:32 PM
Thanks you.