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03-09-03, 10:04 AM
I thought the race was very entertaining. It was action packed for the first 6 laps of so. I realize that the weather had a lot to do with the position swapping, but for passes per lap, this race had plenty. To bad for DeMatta, but did you really think anything else would happen? Good drive by Kimi, and for that matter, David Coulthard.

Wouldn't it be refreshing to see some humility from these bozo's? Im a fan of Montoya's, but his sulking and negative slant of David's win made me shake my head. When speaking of how he "got screwed" everytime the safety car came out, and then going on about how easy it was to stay ahead of the McLarens, was a bit over the top, and very self centered. I would have loved to have seen Coulthard break in with some comments such as "why am I sitting in the top seat mate"? or "Darn Juan, if you could just quit blowing it, maybe you would get the biggest trophy someday, this is my 13th one"

While staring at the interview, I was thinking, Did Montoya go to the Tony Stewart school of public relations? If Juan is looking for someone to blame, someone should point him to a mirror.


03-09-03, 11:02 AM
That is typical of Montoya, really.
Doesn't surprise me one bit after my experiences with him in CART.

I was increadibly impressed with Kimi's "Take No S**T" move towards MS when buttmacher pulled his typical crap of trying to make a pass even if it meant pushing someone off track. That was the highlight of the race for me. To darn bad about how they nailed Kimi with a penalty for speeding in pit lane right after that and five whole laps after he had done it already!!!:mad:

I hope it is a sign of more action packed racing in Formula One to come. At least I wasn't falling asleep this time. I was actually glued to the television. Now when they lift traction control...........

I am sadened my da Matta's debut. Hopefully he will get used to everything and drive like we're used to seeing.:(