View Full Version : Of Homestead and Handling

03-04-03, 12:12 PM
Last year there were many IRL posters at other sites who claimed that Sam Hornish's performance at Homestead was all about handling and superior set up. Most of this was posted to counter suspicions that Panther had a Chevy "more equal" than everybody else.

This year the story of Hornish's performance is bad handling.


Is this now the party line for the Chevy being hopelessly behind?

03-04-03, 12:20 PM
My thoughts are somewhat the opposite. They did show alot of incar camera shots of Sam during the race. To me it looked like he had the car set up VERY loose so that he could be faster. I think his setup made him more competitive than he really should have been and made the Chevy look better than it was(scary thought). Another example IMO is Scott Dixon. The G-force hadn't been quick in practice or for most of the race until the end. If you watched the incar camera shots of Dixon at the end of the race it looked like he was driving on ice. JMO of course.