View Full Version : Overheard at N-H

05-13-05, 06:45 PM
Overheard at Newman-Haas, with Jimi playing in the background.....

There must be some kinda way outta here,
said the disbelieving frog,
that ***king Bruno said these cars were cool,
but this pig is just a dog,

BigFatCarl, drank my wine,
Mumbles stole my check,
these crappy things get airborne,
there's too much chance I'll wreck

That little guy, from AGR,
tried the reacharound,
I watched both him and Helio,
they said "we're both going down",

All along the pit tower,
the boys all got a scare
when darling Sammies piece of s**t,
grabbed some serious air,

And outside in the cold distance,
Freak Nation kindly spoke,
saying "those that think this car can fly,
will see that's nothing but a joke"

05-13-05, 06:57 PM
...... :laugh: ........ :thumbup:

05-13-05, 07:08 PM
Sing it white boy!

Flickin' my BIC way up in the air, wavin' it like I just don't care, over this one!

:thumbup: :D :thumbup:


05-14-05, 12:03 AM
You light my fire JT. Guitar fire that is :thumbup: