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05-10-05, 11:40 AM
Since Robby did not qual last week we did not have anything to talk about. So we can chew on this for a bit.

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. (May 9, 2005) – Robby Gordon Motorsports will take its No. 7 Jim Beam Chevrolet to Richmond International Raceway this weekend with a new crew chief and a new team manager/car chief.

The roles will be assumed by Greg Erwin and Frank Kerr respectively. Erwin began his duties as crew chief last week, and Kerr, who returns to RGM after serving as the team’s car chief last season, starts today (May 9) after observing at Darlington.

“Among the many things we have learned over the last 10 races is that there is no substitute for proper preparation and attention to detail,” said John Story, general manager of Robby Gordon Motorsports. “We were clearly one of the better cars at Darlington during Friday’s practice session, and then made a series of mistakes to the car while prepping it for qualifying. We took what should have been a top-10 qualifying effort and a car and driver capable of racing for a top-5 finish and missed the show. What happened there is inexcusable and shouldn’t happen at this level of competition.

“Twice we failed to qualify (Bristol and Darlington) because of careless mistakes made to the car between practice and qualifying, and that will not be tolerated. We have made other mistakes during races that have caused poor performances, and Robby and I have charged Greg and Frank with making sure these same mistakes, or any like them, don’t happen again.”

RGM is in its first season of competition in the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series after performing solidly last season in the NASCAR Busch Series.

“We recognize that the level of competition is much higher in Cup than the Busch Series,” Story said, “but it isn’t so much tougher that we should be performing as we are. As in any other professional sport, it’s the little things that make a difference, and the little things have been spelled out and will be attended to by everyone in the organization.

“As a brand-new team, we knew coming into this season that we wouldn’t threaten for a championship in our first year, and we knew that we wouldn’t lead the Series in wins. However, we obviously expect to perform better than we have, and our goals for the season are still attainable. By bringing in Greg and Frank we will accomplish our objective of being a top-20 car each week and winning one or more races. Once we become a top-20 team, we’ll work on becoming a top-15 team, and then a top-10 team. When we become a top-10 team, we will contend for championships; and with the changes we have made this week I honestly believe that is a realistic expectation over the next two or three seasons.”

Following Richmond, Fruit of the Loom will return the track as the primary sponsor for the NASCAR Nextel Open at Lowe’s Motor Speedway on May 21, and again in the Coca-Cola 600 on May 29.

05-10-05, 12:03 PM
I just noticed something, Track Forum has a NASCAR forum and they have a "futity" thread running about Robby too.

I always thought he was liked, I guess not.

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05-10-05, 12:20 PM
Among the many things we have learned over the last 10 races is that there is no substitute for proper preparation and attention to detail

I believe we can file this under the "No **** Sherlock!"

Winston Wolfe
05-10-05, 12:28 PM
I am a big fan of Robby Gordon, the driver..... but after taking a look at his press release and thinking about the past few years of his driving \ race record you have to believe that RG has pissed away his last chance of getting a "good ride" in Cup, or really anywhere else for that matter, after he parted ways with the RCR team.
Robby has won in Trans-Am, including Champion, I think, he has won in CART, Off-Road SCORE (IIRC), in NASCAR, Busch, and has even come close to winning the watered down version of what was once the "Greatest Spectacle in Racing". You cannot discount the fact the dude has talent, based on his record and driving style. I especially enjoyed following RG's antics during the mid-late 90's CART days. The deal with Mikey at Cleveland is classic stuff, as was Robby's win at Belle Isle (one racing line, marbles everywhere, guys trying to force mistakes, etc.) and watching him on the high speed ovals (michigan, etc.). All good stuff. Then he tried his own team with Toyota powered and was at the bottom of the board.
I watched his progress in NASCAR, saw how he pissed off Sabates, tried his own gig, did the EARL 500 a few times, then did "the Double" a few times, and finally landed a great seat at RCR. Heck, he spins Jeffy for a win at NHIS, get the Cingular car all kinds of exposure, wins on NECKCAR road courses, get lots of attention as defending champ at both tracks the next year. And then,,,,,, BLAMMO !
He does it AGAIN !!!! Has some sort of problem with the team, pisses off the owner, and decides that he is going to go his own way. At 36 or 37 years old, he is past any sort of prime that he may have had. At best, he'll be a Top 25 finisher, and cracking the Top 10 would be the equivalent of a VICTORY considering where he has started the season.
Its frustrating to watch the train wreck unfold, and see another failed effort. Could it have been so bad to be racing for a Top Level team like RCR, with a teammate like Harvick, driving around in one of the more recognizable cars in the NASCAR circuit, to the point where you have to realize that you arent going to get THAT many more chances to "make it"?????
Unfortunately, that has pretty much been the story for the guy for most of his racing career. Flashes of talent, and ability to drive at the front, and even win, but cannot sustain the progress.
He aint the first guy to do it.... he certainly wont be the last !