View Full Version : What if...

Andrew Longman
04-04-05, 03:44 PM
... in 1995 TG had started a series that contained a roughly equal amount of street, road, short and big ovals. Let's say he went to places not on CARTs schedule at the time, like Watkins Glen, Road Atlanta, Sonoma, Denver, Montreal and Edmonton. Let's say he adopted a formula designed with cost control and higher performance at these venues in mind. And perhaps he went to Muber, or Judd (or Chevy and Toyota) to build a reliable, spec engine owned by the series, not the teams. Perhaps the formula would even be legal to run CART should you choose. And anyone would be able to run the I500, so long as you run his formula and engines.

But say his goal was equally transparent; He admittedly wanted to gain control of US open wheel racing and increase the value of his I500 property.

Since that may be where the IRL is now headed, would you have supported the series. Or, would you have cared that much at the time who controlled the sport that you would not come close to it?