View Full Version : Kanaan on the difference

Sean O'Gorman
04-01-05, 08:14 PM
“We’re all going to compare, but it’s not fair at all,” Kanaan said. “It’s like if I gave you a power bicycle and I’ll race you in a regular bicycle. One is turbo, the other is normally aspirated. The turbo is always going to be quicker. No matter what you do, it’s going to be faster. Our cars are heavier, too.


04-01-05, 08:21 PM
So in other words, your cars suck big time huh? :gomer:

Don Quixote
04-01-05, 08:23 PM
Everytime he opens his mouth lately, he sets off another IRL meltdown. Tony, hasn't Mikey told you that you can't speak the truth?

Winston Wolfe
04-01-05, 08:36 PM
stuff his pie hole with some more YEN and he will get the message loud and clear.... sometimes I cant believe what these former road racers say about the all oval league in an attempt to cover up their disdain for it.... but after a while, they begin to believe what they are saying as well...

Man that Kool-aid must be some doggone powerful stuff !!!!