View Full Version : LBGP support races vs. St. Pete

03-30-05, 01:49 PM
It's unfortunate that SPEED GT and Touring are supporting the IRL this weekend. After the Sebring event a couple weeks ago, I think these races are going to prop up St Pete's Sunday attendance. I predict a large crowd drop at about 2PM on Sunday.

I can't blame Champ Car, though. I think they really would have loved to have them at LB. SWC's 2 divisions were just at Sebring, and two weeks after St. Pete they race at Road Atlanta. An East/West/East swing in four weeks would have been too much for the teams, and they're obligated to run with ALMS.

At least CC got them at Denver, but, man, it would have been good to have SWC at Long Beach, and it would have been great exposure for the teams. And Cleveland....man I would love to be in that Touring race. That's going to be an intense one, with only one place to hit the wall. You guys attending Cleveland are going to be in for a GREAT race weekend!!!