View Full Version : I'd hate to be a member of one of the six teams...

02-26-03, 03:51 PM
Who won't get to stand on the Grand Am Podium in Homestead. Maybe they'll let two of them stand on the SRPII podium, just so they feel like winners, and the photos look legit.


02-26-03, 04:04 PM
That's pathetic.

02-26-03, 04:48 PM
Will somoene please stick a fork in this series?

02-26-03, 05:39 PM
Looks like they finally might have more people in the stands than in the paddock.

I just didn't realize they were going to empty out the paddock to do it.

Hot Rod Otis
02-26-03, 06:36 PM
I went to a Grand-Am Cup race and Grand-Am qualifying @ Phoenix a couple of years ago. That event answered the question, "What if they held a race and nobody came"? It was quite possibly the worst racing event I've ever been to. I went to a TQ midget show when I was a kid @ the county fairgrounds in Rushville, Indiana that was more professional than the Grand-Am series. Except for the Dyson, Doran/Lister and the Saleen team, the quality of the equipment in the paddock was pathetic. What a sad-sack excuse for a racing series.

02-26-03, 07:17 PM
Originally posted by Hot Rod Otis
What a sad-sack excuse for a racing series.

Gee, so this is what you get when you run the NASCAR Cup series philosophy without a bazillion sponsorship dollars.

Thank you for "fixing" sports cars, Mr. France. :mad:

02-26-03, 07:47 PM
Originally posted by DaveL
Will somoene please stick a fork in this series?

I enjoy watching it twist in the wind for awhile....

02-27-03, 07:17 AM
I'll have to check the spec on the SRPII classification. Maybe I could get my wifes Taurus into the field as a late entry. Sure I'd be a field filler but it appears they need all the help they can get. :shakehead

02-27-03, 12:08 PM
Like it confirms something we already knew. Between ALMS and SPEED World Challenge, Grand Am is redundant, and the teams are voting with their entry fees.

03-02-03, 11:59 AM
So anyone know what happened in the race. How big of a joke was it?

03-02-03, 01:11 PM
The results weren't in the morning paper here for some reason.

The Brumos "Porsche" won, though.

Somebody must know more and I'm too lazy to find a results page.