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03-17-05, 06:33 AM

03-17-05, 06:59 AM
How G*d damn hard is this to unnerstand boy? That's one sammich this big fer me an another fer the rest of the crew. Got it?

03-17-05, 08:20 AM
What the f nobody told me it was green shirt day!

03-17-05, 08:22 AM
Hey everybody, let's do the Macarena!

03-17-05, 10:19 AM
"Why the hell didn't tell me your friend is Amish?!? They don't know nuthin' 'bout cars!!!"

03-17-05, 10:23 AM
"WTF do you mean the spare car is'nt ready. The lil' sumbitch goes out next and yall know we'll need the spare car two laps after that if the dumbass don't put himself in the hospital".

03-17-05, 11:07 AM
C'mon, turn around so I can smack you silly!

03-17-05, 11:43 AM

"Whaddaya mean we're at the wrong goddamned track??? You've got the schedule, dammit! How would I know, the grandstands always look like this - you've got the damned schedule, it's your job to make sure we're at the right track! Load everything back up, fer Christ's sake! You guys have got your heads up your asses!"

Andrew Longman
03-17-05, 12:05 PM

Simon says... Do This!

03-17-05, 12:12 PM
i don't care where you were! you got beaten here by a GIRL!

03-17-05, 01:01 PM
" . . . . and then I slapped Luyendyk upside the head, like this!"

03-17-05, 01:02 PM
"No, the tub in my '94 Lola was not that wide, it was only this wide"

03-17-05, 01:05 PM
"I KNOW Conseco's bankrupt, you know they're bankrupt, but dammit boy, we gotta wear hats! They got the fourteen on 'em already, and we got a truckload full back in Texas!

03-17-05, 01:11 PM
"I got my green hat on, now for chrisake stop pinchin me!!"

03-17-05, 01:45 PM
He claims he's a frickin leprechaun? But we can only win if the race is on St. Patrick's Day? http://dictionary.reference.com/features/graphics/stpatricks.jpg

03-17-05, 03:21 PM
photog in background thinking; "Damn, I knew I should of packed my wide angle lens." :cry:

03-17-05, 03:57 PM
YES, I read the Foyt Futility thread!!

03-17-05, 04:41 PM
Where's the beef?

03-17-05, 06:19 PM
photog in background

John Mahoney, great shooter and an old drinking buddy of mine from back in the White Front days..

03-17-05, 06:43 PM
Aj to crew member, as photographer looks on: "Who the f**** hired the second coming of Abe Lincoln here to be on this team?".


03-17-05, 06:45 PM
John Mahoney, great shooter and an old drinking buddy of mine from back in the White Front days..

Railbird, you've got to ask him what this conversation was about...maybe even point him to this thread.... :laugh:

03-17-05, 08:50 PM
Looky here numbnuts, I know we're on a shoestring budget these days. But when I reach for a hammer, it better be a gawdamn Craftsman hammer. Now get them cheap ass chineesey hammers from Harbor Freight the HELL oughta my daddy's tool box before I whup you upside yore head!

03-17-05, 10:06 PM
"WTF, you told me these cars don't fly!"

03-17-05, 10:12 PM
"I don't care what you say, C. Everett Koop is my new crew chief and that's final! Now go get me a samitch!"

CART License
03-18-05, 02:17 AM
Lanyard boy where is my hard card…..Tony won’t let me in the pits without it..FTG thinks this is F1 weekend! If only I had a laptop right now!!!!