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01-02-03, 01:11 PM
Anyone having trouble with PMs? I sent one this AM but there was no confirmation or any other trace in my PM center, sent or otherwise. It happened once before as well. Has anyone else encountered similar probs? For all I know I may be pushing the "cancel" button instead of the "Send" button... :gomer:

Winter Warlock!

01-02-03, 02:09 PM
I've not had any problems with PMs, but I hardly ever do. :p

Seriously, I've sent and received several since I registered and I haven't had any problems with it. I have my preferences set to get the popup when I have a PM though, and it has never done that since I set my options. Might be a glitch there.

01-04-03, 04:44 AM
Aaaahh...I get it now Private Messages...not PMS :gomer: I thought what would Warlock be dicussing PMS for. :saywhat:

Gotta pad the post count somehow..hey WB how about a 2 for 1 during the first 30 days of your membership?

01-06-03, 12:06 PM
I sent a messge this morning to WB, same results as Warlock!. I don't have any clue if it was received or not. I have no evidence that it was sent in my message center.

WB, did you get it?

01-06-03, 12:09 PM
I got it, and replied, T7.