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02-24-03, 05:06 PM
Mike Mulhern reports (http://www.journalnow.com/wsj/sports/MGBW0FFWJCD.html):

NASCAR's 2004 Winston Cup tour schedule appears to be taking shape rapidly, with the sport's various promoters bargaining and bidding for dates with NASCAR executives. Bill France says next season could see some significant changes in tour venues. One change under very serious consideration is to move this second race of the season next year to Fontana, Calif.

Rockingham's Chris Browning, sensing that next year's tour will likely include only one date here, is pushing for an April date in exchange, hoping for better weather. If Browning gets that OK'd, then California's late April date could be moved to Rockingham's late October date.

A stop in Los Angeles the week before the stop in Las Vegas might not work, however, if El Nino keeps dumping such heavy winter rains on Southern California.

I hope Browning gets his way; I'd like to think the crowds will be better.

And, besides, given the choice, I'd rather see a Cup race at Rockingham in good weather. Freezing my rear off at Atlanta a few years back was no fun.

Joe in LA
02-24-03, 05:45 PM
That guy obviously hasn't been here much this year. We had a few days of heavy rain, but it has been a "dry" winter. El Nino shoud not be a serious concern.