View Full Version : New Action Paul Tracy Daytona Prototype diecast?

01-28-05, 02:10 AM
See bottom of page (http://www.tomotorsports.com/NASCAR2005.html)

Does anyone know if the "Daytona Prototype Pontiac" ToMo is advertising on their home page will actually be a Doran chassis, or will Action pull another "faux Reynard" on us and slap the #54 Kodak decals on the existing Crawford tooling? Also, would it have a removable cowl showing the Pontiac engine or be curbside?

If it's a legitimate Doran, I'd be interested in quite a few...most of which would be for conversion purposes. If it's a Crawford, I'd be interested in none.

01-28-05, 07:28 PM
Looking to cash in on PT's popularity up North already I see.......

better git ya won :gomer: