View Full Version : NASCAR Investigates Foyt!

02-23-03, 07:02 PM
My sources have told me that NASCAR is launching an investigation into AJ's (he done won Indy 4 times so he can't be criticized) Cup team after the performance at Rockingham today. Rumors are that either the Japanese guy who bought a few joy rides last year with Travis Carter, or Dr. Jack were actually in the car. If either proves to be correct, it will explain why the #14, despite having no mechanical trouble and not being involved in any of the on-track incidents was so freaking slow to the point where it was nominally faster on new tires than the cars on old tires (and there is a huge difference at Rockingham), and basically was racing no one-not even the cars damaged in the accidents.

Either that or Larry just plain sucks and has as much business being in the car as either of the two aformentioned drivers did.

02-23-03, 07:30 PM
My sources tell me that they forgot to take the restrictor plate off...:D:D:D

02-23-03, 10:27 PM
AJ has trouble with the offspring in two different series right now. The kid driving for him in FormulaGrandson keeps stuffing cars into the fence.


02-24-03, 12:43 AM
I guess Foyt just doesn't have what it takes to breed back to true. :gomer:

02-24-03, 01:24 AM
That's what happens when people mate with farm animals.

02-24-03, 12:31 PM
Maybe Larry thought that the nitrous was for him and put the hose in his helmet instead of the carb. :D

02-24-03, 01:30 PM
Originally posted by FortyOneFord
That's what happens when people mate with farm animals.

All those years sponsored by Calumet Farms and he didn't learn a thing. ;)