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Racing Truth
01-08-05, 01:58 PM
From the Joyce Juilus ROI stuff:

Porsche led the way with nearly $9.5 million in documented exposure via ALMS television partners CBS, NBC and Speed as the series continued to position itself as not only delivering a high value for sponsors but also becoming the one of fastest growing race series in America.

Well, there you are. I've now seen the light brethren! Alas, I was clearly too stupid and ignorant to understand that a total of 4 LMP1's was a clear sign of "one of the fastest growing race series in America."

I am confounded by my own ignorance. :shakehead :laugh:

That said, one thing ALMS has done right is the TV package. Building and growing your series? Well, Don can't do everything now, can he? :gomer:

Again, though, GA's TV package is awful. No doubt.