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Racing Truth
01-03-05, 03:57 PM
In an era where once-great road courses have bern "chicaned" to death, I just thought I'd open the floor to discuss what you think are the best road courses, still in somewhat significant use, in the world (US included). This was incidentally brought up in the Lemans thread in the CCWS forum, and I thought it might be a nice offseason bs session.

01-03-05, 04:03 PM
Best: USGP road course at IMS.
Close to home, close to Tony, and we git ta see MIPS talent showcased this year. Screw those Ferarri Challenge machines and the racin millionaire doctors...

Worst: Spa. damn Euro parade. And it always rains, too. No tenderloins.

Oh wait, this isn't Crackforum? :gomer:

(actually, reverse the 2 and there's my vote)

01-03-05, 04:16 PM
Road Atlanta



Road America

Macau Guia Circuit

Racing Truth
01-03-05, 04:52 PM
Forgot about Macau :thumbup:

01-03-05, 04:59 PM
Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport :thumbup:

01-03-05, 05:01 PM
Interesting. I read Motor Sport (Brit publication, main focus is on racing history) every month. Last month, Martin Brundle was asked a similar question, and he responded that some of his favorites were in the USA because they hadn't been chicaned down to sameness - all 90 degree turns, etc.

I believe that he specifically mentioned Elkhart Lake and Watkins Glen as two of the best remaining in the world today.

01-03-05, 06:04 PM
I'm from Virginia. We can't even spell shikane (see!). VIR


Andrew Longman
01-03-05, 06:13 PM
Elkhart Lake (without doubt)


Road Atlanta

Watkins Glen (with the boot) -- Not a lot of great viewing areas compared to RA though.


Lime Rock and MoSport (too small for big time racing but beautiful and fun)

01-03-05, 06:31 PM
Sears Point

Laguna Seca