View Full Version : Anyone see Floyd on Wind Tunnel?

02-22-03, 12:33 AM
That bobble head actually had the ... well, he made me mad.

What does surprise me though is how he can talk down CART so much. It's not like he side steps or acknowledges his achievements, he down right disses em.

I hope the lemmings love his foreign road-racers. Enjoy.

Classic Apex
02-22-03, 12:47 AM
GanASSi looked extra pasty and bloated tonight.

I thought he was gonna pull a Stay-Puft Marshmellow Man and explode for a second there.

Wait a waste of air-time. An IRL rah-rah section on the channel that broadcasts CART?

And what's up with the quick jab at the ChampCar series name to kick off the show?


02-22-03, 01:07 AM
Well isn't that a live call-in/email feedback show? Did anyone bother to call in or email and blast him?

02-22-03, 06:51 AM
I missed that and have never seen the show, though I think he'd be a natural for a program called wind-tunnel. :laugh:

02-22-03, 08:23 AM
could someone please fill me in on what show and channel you are taling about.

02-22-03, 08:55 AM
Nap: New show on SPEED called Wind Tunnel.

02-22-03, 12:13 PM
Nap..last night was the premier broadcast of the show. It takes place on Speed and is a live callin/email show that will have a weekly guest. I stumbled across it last night just as Floyd was getting in a good dig at CART. Which ended the show basically. Dave Dispain is the host and it is setup in a sort of DJ radio booth. They have a toll free line set up and you call in and make comments or ask questions to the guest.

I think this will be a huge hit of a show. As long as the participation stays up, this may be a great forum for communication.

I will be watching this show regularly. It looks to be a keeper.

Every Friday night at 11:30 Eastern. Check it out.

02-23-03, 01:31 AM
Originally posted by racer2c
Anyone see Floyd on Wind Tunnel?
ON Wind Tunnel? I thought he IS the wind tunnel. Never cared about him before, certainly don't now. Glad I knew ahead of time who was on. :thumdown:

02-23-03, 11:21 AM
Wind tunnel, wind bag, same diff.

02-23-03, 11:30 PM
Wind Tunnel is a cool show with a lot of promise IMO. It definately needs to be expanded to an hour.

Dave Despain is the best IMO.

Ganassi is Ganassi IMO.

Well actualy, Chip is the same successful gasbag he has always been.