View Full Version : Lemme be the first to say...

02-19-03, 05:10 PM
Whaddap, Spicoli!

(just saw the name on the newest member thingy)

A legend in his own mind, he is a CART fan in the truest form. Glad to see ya poke yer head in here... Beers to ya!

BTW, WTF are you doin' round here... shouldn't you be damn near in St. Pete by now?

Winter Warlock!

02-19-03, 05:36 PM
Every Mayberry needs an Otis...Now OC has two.


02-19-03, 06:27 PM
A legend in his own mind!!!! LOL Yep that's him. Welcome Spicoli, nice to see yah here.

02-19-03, 06:36 PM
Yes 'dude. Wilkommen. :thumbup:

02-19-03, 06:40 PM
Welcome. Yeah, we know you're runnin out on us to watch the race live in St. Pete. We'll lift a glass to ya though!