02-16-03, 01:53 PM
I know today is a Holy Day of Obligation in the South with the faithful coverging on their Mecca in Daytona, Florida, but next Sunday it's time to get the Champcar Season underway. The Get Together at Woo Doggies is shaping up to be very memorable. About 50-60 members from three different forums and their friends from all over the Mid West USA and Canada are attending. For those arriving on Saturday, Woo Doggies is offering a 10% discount Saturday night and waving the cover charge, just tell the doorman and your server that you are attending the CART event the next day and you'll be treated like royalty! Sunday the door opens at 11 am with the Woo Doggies Grand Prix for the Internet Microsizer/Zip Zap Championship flagging off at 11:30 or so(we can be flexible!). The trophy presentation will follow. The Champcar season gets underway at 1 pm on the WideScreen(yes I've been working on the sound since last year). Woo Doggies will be providing a free buffet, and they are getting doorprizes from their vendors for us. The good people who run Crapwagon.com are sending me stickers and T-shirts, yes THOSE stickers that are showing up on Champcar Team tool boxes! Napolean is handling the games and what he has planned sounds like fun! After the race, there will be a post race party with music, and a special surprise! There will be some of the local regulars attending out of curiosity, so we do have a chance to convert or create some new fans. This is going to be a GREAT start to the Champcar season. See you at Woo Doggies!! :thumbup::D

02-16-03, 06:20 PM
FYI I read somewhere that there will be a half hour pre-race program on SPEED starting at 12:30 Sunday.

If I can get the car or truck out of the driveway by Wednesday, my plan is to drive it to FL and see the circus in person.
I'm taking the telephone numbers for Woo Doggies and Warlock's (winter version) cell and will attempt to call in to the gathering prior to the start. I regrete I won't be there, but being at the race seems like a pretty fair alternative.

Have a great party, all. Drink a round for me and I shall drink a few for you good people and loyal fans of our wonderful speed sport.

Dave Confer

02-16-03, 09:56 PM
ACK!!!! I thought the ZipZap races were AFTER the race????? Whats up with that???? You trying to mak us leave Indy at 6AM?????? :mad:

02-17-03, 02:33 AM
I vote to move the Zip Zap races to post real race time too. Could be more fun to watch/participate with a decent buzz on.

DjDr? Waddaya think? Can we change the schedule?

02-18-03, 02:29 AM
(in my best quasi-Pook voice)
The 2003 Woo Doggies Zip Zap/Microsizer Grand Prix has officially been changed to run AFTER the Bridgestone presents the Champcar World Series powered by Ford event to be held in St.Petersburg, Florida. We feel that having a race of this magnitude running before the St.Pete event would be a great injustice to not only the participants but the fans who are unknowingly going to be staggering into this event. Do not view this change in the schedule as an indication that we will move events in the future to help support the "other" series proclaimed "Greatest Septicle in Racing". YOU ARE EITHER WITH US OR AGAINST US!
Woo Doggies ZipZap/Microsizer Grand Prix

02-18-03, 06:47 AM
I hate racing series like this that have schedule changes all the time. ;)