View Full Version : Goober punts Vasser out of sixth

02-15-03, 04:38 PM
As predicted, some knucklehead punted JV out've a tremendous first-race finish. (Bodine, I believe). Idiot.

02-15-03, 04:47 PM
Jimmy did a great job. They can sell all the "throwback" crap they want about T Stewart. Jimmy is the real deal and did'nt need a whole new series to establish the fact.

As far as the punt goes, well, it is NASCAR racing. The same series where the announcers have turned the word "big one" into the current lexicon. Its like talking about serial killers in a good light


02-15-03, 05:33 PM
Dang! Happened to be at the local micro-brew doing lunch, the race was on and Vasser was in the top ten....wooo baby, two nitro-pale ales later I'm watching the leader board scroll across the screen and I can't find his name! I'm figuring I'm just drunk.... Finally his name shows up at the end, "OUT", I'm thinking what the heck happened? was it Hiro or Shiggy or Vitolo.........no it was a Bodine......'splains it all. But how about Case Montgomery? former Atlantic's driver, an excellent job.

02-15-03, 08:01 PM
Sure it wasnt 19 year old Chase Montgomery?

02-15-03, 10:09 PM
Hmmm? could be, thought it was a typo in the paper.

02-16-03, 01:37 AM
Speed News says it was Todd Bodine and was called into the red trailer after the race. He looked like he had his tail between his legs when they talked to him. He was very apologetic but did say "Jason" :rolleyes: lifted as they went into the corner.

02-16-03, 06:02 AM
Originally posted by jdcooper
As predicted, some knucklehead punted JV out've a tremendous first-race finish. (Bodine, I believe). Idiot.

WOW!! Brack is doing the Busch series too???:rofl: ;)

02-16-03, 06:54 AM
At least DW had the courtesy of explaining that JV was punted and it wasn't his fault.

Brought to you by the league who brings such racing techniques as "Bump drafting".:rolleyes:

Whats with the cars turning into rolling tiki torches when they hit the wall. Kinda scary. I'm sure Nascar will look into that as soon as some driver gets pulled from a scorched wreck with a pair of Bar-B-Que tongs.:shakehead

02-16-03, 11:09 AM
Vasser appeared to get three very solid thumps in one incident. I hope he gets lots of hydrotherapy in the next few days. He must me sore as heck.

02-16-03, 11:24 AM
Funny thing is that Jimmy caused an earlier incident after he got up too high and touched the wall...bounced into a car, which then took out another car. Jimmy got away with that one, only to been punted himself. Great effort to be in 6th at the end of that race. Just glad he wasn't hurt. Those tanks must be built pretty well.

Hot Rod Otis
02-16-03, 12:47 PM
Ol' "Cueball Head" strikes again. The whole Bodine family is a waste of track space. Geoff had a halfway decent career, but Brett and Todd are worthless. Brett has 1 garbage/fluke win in what, a 17 year NASCAR career? Todd had none, will never win one, and is an idiot on the track. They make Robert Pressley look good by comparison.