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07-18-04, 11:51 AM
JLMannin did a ticket survey of I500 availability two days prior to the race, and here's what he found:

I went through the on-line ticket search thing stand by stand to see what was available.

Here is what I did, stand by stand:

Requested two side by side seats and report row that the search app delivered
Requested blocks of tickets to see the largest block request granted. Searched 100, 50 ,20, and 10, reporting the highest block size found and the row range quoted

Stand - 2 tickets row availability - largest block available - row range
NE Vista Back stretch - FF - 10 R to S
NE Vista Turn - C - 10 - D to E
North Vista - BB - 50 V to Z
NW Vista - sold out
J Stand - E - 10 - C to D
H Stand - J - 20 - K to L
C stand - F - 10 - B to C
Paddock Box - single ticket only, row B
A Stand - sold out
SW Vista - B - 20 - Q to R (interesting, 2 tix, row 2, block of 20, rows 16-17)
South Vista - G - 10 - E to F
G Stand - D - 20 - D to E
SE Vista - E - 20 C to D

Infield seating
Tower Terrace - J - 20 - E to F
Pit Road Terr - A - 10 - A to B
First turn Terr - H - 10 - G to H
South Terrace - G - 20 - D to E

Basically, only three sections sold out (NW Vista, Paddock Box, and A Stand), Every where else, forst 5 to 10 rows pretty Sparce, and huge blocks available in North Vista.

A couple of days ago, our ol' buddy Wilke started a thread on how the BY400 wasn't a sellout, so I repeated the exercise for the BY400, and here's what I found: (NOTE - I assigned a "win" for either the BY400 or the I500, based on availability. Preference was given to block business in assigning a win. If it was close on both blocks and 2 seats, I assigned a "split" or a tie.)

NE Vista - AA - 10 - V to U (Split)
North Vista - L - 20 - G to F (BY400)
NW Vista - sold out (Split)
J stand - B - no blocks available (BY400)
H stand - C - 10 - C to D (BY400)
C stand - D - 10 - C to D (Split)
Paddock Box - D - no blocks available (I500)
A stand - C - 10 - C to D (I500)
SW Vista - N - 20 - H through G (BY400)
South Vista - X - 20 - S through R (I500)
G stand - K - 10 - K through J (BY400)
SE Vista - F - 20 - E through F (I500)

Tower Terrace - K - 20 - K through L (I500)
Pit Terrace - B - no blocks available (BY400)
First Turn Terrace - single tickets only, row K the best (BY400)
South Terrace - A - no blocks available (BY400)

So, our result is: I500 - 5; BY400 - 8; Split - 3.

Of course, there are different amounts of seats in the different stands, etc. etc. But those results would support Bird's contention (hearing from the sources he does) that they have sold more BY400 seats. Remember, too, that the I500 survey was taken 2 days prior to race, and this one is taken 3 weeks ahead of the race.

07-18-04, 12:53 PM
I use to get six. Harder to sell, I'll only be renewing two.

07-18-04, 01:16 PM
My group of 4 dumped our long standing 500 seats this year. We luckily sold them this year at face value to someone who didn't know any better. Why give TG money to use for a year when I can get the seats from scalpers or off Ebay cheaper than face. (If I should ever decide to go again).

07-18-04, 01:44 PM
Not sold out and ads running everywhere.

Rome is burning. Grab a beer and watch.


07-18-04, 02:21 PM
Not sold out and ads running everywhere.

Rome is burning. Grab a beer and watch.


Now those would be tickets worth buying. :rofl:

07-18-04, 03:26 PM
I see that Kellner got on TF and was dukeing out defender on ticket sales of the Indy500. He actually stayed on and did not get kick off. Really taunted them with the line "Imagine theres no Indy...."