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Players Indeck99
02-10-03, 11:31 AM
Hi Everyone!!..I'm the "Newbie"...I thought i'd get my OC career started by posting up a very well put together tribute site for you all to enjoy...My B-friend has gotten me into racing over the late summer and over winter and i'll be attending my first one this summer in Vancouver...I'm looking so forward to it...Here is the tribute site,


02-10-03, 10:48 PM
Nice site.

Thanks for the link.

02-12-03, 02:58 AM
Hard to believe we lost Elio some 17 years ago. I'll never forget an article I read about Nigel Mansell. The author asked him a question about Elio and, according to the writer, Mansell was silent for two minutes before he responded. It was obvious that 'ole Nige was both thoughtful & emotional with his reply (although I didn't read what he actually said).