View Full Version : Curt Cavin and Dave Calabro=Offical Spindy Patrol

06-28-04, 01:07 AM
Tuned in to Indianapolis NBC affliate, Channel 13's Sunday Night's Sportsjam, to listen to Curt Cavin and Dave Calabro's take on the Penske meeting with the Three Amigo's.
After a review of the IRL adventures in Richmond(According to Cavin several drivers would like to ring Hornish's neck!), ole Dave asked Curt what his take on the meeting was. Nothing new except that both said that they don't see how OWRS will last more than this season. They both said that they didn't see how the series would grow. They implied that Roger was asking them why the Three Amigo's would want to invest anymore money into the series.:mad: Cavin also said that there was no way that FTG would give up any portion of his kingdom to car owners again. :saywhat: Of course this was all just conjecture on their part. Both of these guys are some of the biggest FTG bootlickers in the business. Goebbels would proud of these two guys.

Calabro was really creepy tonight by telling viewers to stay tuned for video of the Darrell Russell tragedy not one commercial break but two. Totally uncalled for despite the "newsworthyness" of the crash. They replayed the crash at least three times. :( Just another night of racin' reporting in Gomerland. :shakehead

06-28-04, 01:14 AM
Same S**t, Different Day with those clowns



06-28-04, 07:08 AM
After it was announced that he had been killed, they replayed it? P.O.S. :flame:

To ESPN's credit, they didn't replay the crash (last night) after it was announced Russell had been killed.