View Full Version : WRC - Most Driver Talent?

Hurling Frootmig
02-01-03, 12:10 AM
After watching WRC all these years I think these guys and gals may have the most talent of any drivers I've seen. They also have a lot of guts.

The fans who line the course need help in the brains department but I hope that some of the rumors are true and WRC comes back to the U.S. for a race.

02-01-03, 09:50 AM
They are great drivers, very brave, but the cars and the course conditions vary so much, it is hard to be sure.

Apples and Oranges perhaps, the racing is too different (from closed circuit) to be sure.

That said I would love to see some top F1 and Champcar drivers run a few WRC events. Could be an eye opener. :eek: