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02-05-04, 12:20 PM
Click the link and scroll down to see the offcamber googlisms. :)

When I put my name in, it said I was "unnecessary". :(

Link (http://www.googlism.com/index.htm?ism=offcamber&type=1)

02-05-04, 01:33 PM
offcamber is a beer drinking socity

Well..... It almost got it right! :gomer:

02-05-04, 03:57 PM
Okay, the only one that applies is the one I put in bold... ;)

anait is a court consultant and national mental health consultant for Russian and Armenian immigrants
anait is right
anait is hoping one day to work as a translator or perhaps a teacher of languages
anait is able to rescue him using her reading
anait is very skilled in weaving and is also a teacher of reading and writing to all in her village

Here are a few interesting results from my real name!!:

tiana is our black phase wolf dog
tiana is a rare tayana mariner 36 with much teak inside and out
tiana is further along in her conditioning than she has ever been and i know that it's going to pay off for her this season
tiana is of fiery spirit and impetuous nature
tiana is soft and warm and curved against him
tiana is responsible for supporting the household
tiana is an erotic bodywork specialist/tiana is not available for nude or topless work but all other projects will be considered :eek:
tiana is standing on a spiral staircase carved inside a rather large piece of kaori wood :cool:
tiana is available in the purest of white or ever popular cream and has a delicate self pattern of pretty roses (I don't think so, Tim...)

Joe in LA
02-05-04, 08:49 PM
I am "now available for purchase at the arc online store"

02-06-04, 12:21 AM
lisa is a race car driver

hmmm I like that one :)

02-06-04, 12:47 AM
robstar is a cool australian girl surf collection
robstar is making its debut on international markets
robstar is een clubje uit de provincie west
robstar is a fag
robstar is now known as

hmmm, not sure if I like that 4th one... :eek:

02-06-04, 01:10 AM
rick is rick
rick is
rick is still alive
rick is an avid outdoorsman
rick is a hero for our time
rick is assigned the mission
rick is still trying to pinpoint his problem and find a cure
rick is up for parole
rick is rock
rick is a must
rick is hard at it
rick is so cool :rolleyes:
rick is number one
rick is soo hott :rofl:
rick is well
rick is now bulletproof?
rick is having an undeniable impact in the world of country music
rick is one of those rappers that's so good at telling a story in his rhymes it's amazing :saywhat:
rick is your chance to submit a question to rick

02-06-04, 07:34 AM
To many to post, but on the top of the list is:

"joe is my interactive bra"

I would just like to add...my services are currently for rent. :D

02-06-04, 09:19 AM
Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about cart7 yet.

He he he, I like it. :cool:

So I tried my name:

glen is quite playful at times and this breed does not demand constant attention from its owner

glen is home to some of the best auto racing in the country and the "great glen giveaway" is a terrific prize for anyone who is a fan

glen is destined for success

glen is also a frequent guest performer at martial arts tournaments where he often demonstrates his expertise with numerous chinese weapons

glen is a piece of cake for jeff gordon :saywhat:

glen is tonic nascar needs pete pistone i used to hate winston cup road races :eek:

glen is very much a big dog on short legs :laugh:

02-06-04, 01:43 PM
irl is putting on the best show
irl is ready to make debut at mis 07/26/02
irl is the big winner as series heads into thrilling finale
irl is tony george who happens to own the indy 500 race and was the one to get f1 back in the us
irl is crap and thats all there is to it
irl is the tribble
irl is dedicated to providing state of the art modern services to our community at affordable prices
irl is on it's way out
irl is interoperable in the sense that interacting client and replicas can reside on top of distinct corba compliant orbs
irl is a research project carried out at dipartimento di informatica e sistemistica of the university of rome "la sapienza"
irl is 5 km
irl is that given a to retrieve images from an image database that match a query image given by the user by taking feedback
irl is putting on the best show on ovals june 11
irl is not
irl is going to be like cart was in the late '80s
irl is becoming the dominant
irl is the winner
irl is in full stride
irl is hard at work
irl is on right track
irl is public domain unless documents included with the package state otherwise
irl is divided into the following projects
irl is becoming the dominant and most competitive series in
irl is planning have a couple of international races
irl is pathetic and its races are so non
irl is almost too popular now for it to all fit into one page
irl is one of two main labs under the center for intelligent systems
irl is coming at
irl is used by people for boating and fishing
irl is the leading
irl is pleased to announce the launch of the 6 th edition of ? profile of the asia
irl is pleased to announce the launch of the 6 th edition of ?
irl is simply too small an organization to effectively address the total reach of its ambitious mission
irl is three bytes long
irl is a gca advanced professional club maker as well as a pcs class "a" club maker
irl is filled with differences
irl is all about
irl is great
irl is the changes
irl is narrowing
irl is the irrigation
irl is somewhere between the dinosaur racing of nascar and the higher
irl is concerned
irl is doing for safety reasons
irl is another thorn in cart's side
irl is the best single
irl is over half foreigners
irl is cuz marlboro wanted to be at the indy 500
irl is a joke
irl is an internet racing league that uses indycar racing ii from papyrus
irl is growing
irl is also a strong business opportunity for american sponsors
irl is competing for
irl is getting all the attention
irl is small
irl is collaborating with auckland university
irl is doing and what they have for the future and even what they've done this year
irl is quoted in imperial miles per hour
irl is that equipment is accessible to any team
irl is also recruiting graduate students in any area included in the specialties of the irl associates
irl is getting higher and higher
irl is where i want to be
irl is moving in with a three
irl is in large part a result of brian and ken’s leadership
irl is engaged in solar uv
irl is used for passing data between multiple webservers / sites
irl is
irl is doing and what they have for the future and even
irl is still a lie first
irl is so competitive that it’s nearly impossible to be successful when you’re operating beyond
irl is somewhat more resistant to individual node failures than irc
irl is growing every year
irl is inherited from a long tradition of seeking the highest quality
irl is starting to get a foothold on the american racing scene
irl is coming on and it has created a lot of extra work for our company
irl is coming to town
irl is more closely
irl is quite shallow; the average depth is just three feet
irl is you get to sit down
irl is growing at such a rapid pace
irl is ready to make debut at mis the associated press
irl is in het voorjaar en niet in een jeugdherberg
irl is pleased to announce the publication of a brand new study covering the paint industry of
irl is on

02-06-04, 01:44 PM
cart is a new tree structured statistical analysis and data
cart is running on fumes
cart is like a dolly and a hand
cart is set up to take your information and encrypt
cart is ideal for that little building over on
cart is dropped when using ssl
cart is empty?
cart is sturdy and mobile
cart is temporarily off line
cart is currently under construction
cart is empty
cart is a new tree structured statistical analysis and data mining tool that automatically searches for and finds high performance classification and
cart is great for musicians and dj's
cart is set up to take your information and encrypt it
cart is sturdy and versatile
cart is empty
cart is empty please shop some more
cart is all about
cart is empty x
cart is king of open
cart is still empty
cart is currently empty
cart is empty visit our ordering information page if you have questions about ordering from shambhala publications

02-06-04, 01:47 PM
tony george is going to kill open wheel racing in north america
tony george is going to kill open wheel racing in
tony george is president of midwest sports consultants and sports audio shows in lincoln
tony george is only trying to save open
tony george is president of midwest sports consultants and sports audio shows
tony george is purchasing a race course in germany
tony george is considering that the irl was supposed to be the all american series
tony george is president of midwest sports and www
tony george is on the right course
tony george is among contenders to buy the troubled circuit
tony george is not yet 40 years of age
tony george is as tough as they say
tony george is in the department of psychiatry at yale school of medicine
tony george is expected to make his decision in 10 to 30 days
tony george is the president of ims
tony george is now looking for a new title sponsor
tony george is president of midwest sports and sports audio shows
tony george is the ceo of midwest sports and sports audio shows
tony george is emerging as a darkhorse candidate at ss with some physical play after s tank williams went down and george started taking reps with the second
tony george is not going to jump off the f1 ship at the first hint of trouble
tony george is giving sam hornish jr
tony george is ''hoping to be surprised'' by the final ticket tally for sunday's us grand prix
tony george is paying for unser jr
tony george is what did it
tony george is the third generation to serve as president and chief executive officer
tony george is the son
tony george is king
tony george is on the right track
tony george is president of midwest sports and sportsudioshows
tony george is back there pulling strings
tony george is taking the view that all publicity is good publicity on the subject of ferraris formation finish that went
tony george is concerned because tony did good things on special teams and he played both positions for us
tony george is very devoted to providing his guests with the freshest ingredients to bring out the best flavors possible
tony george is going to have to "pay to play" at the various oval tracks in the us and
tony george is still subsidizing the irnls even after five years
tony george is the college's learning technologies development manager and it is he who has operational responsibility for the delivery of the project
tony george is changing things for the third straight month of may
tony george is a very quiet man
tony george is the only player in the nfl with diabetes
tony george is thinking
tony george is what's left over when open wheel racing jerks off
tony george is president and ceo
tony george is following the lead set by roger penske twenty five years ago
tony george is "hoping to be surprised" by the final ticket tally for sunday's us grand prix
tony george is the print center manager
tony george is so threatened by your series that when you don t let him manage it
tony george is taking the view that all publicity is
tony george is an *******
tony george is so threatened by your series that when you don't let him manage it
tony george is a selfish child
tony george is the hero; noah brindise getting ready to handoff to taylor
tony george is the head honcho of the indianapolis motor speedway
tony george is responsible for
tony george is also the owner of ims and made the 500
tony george is "hoping to be surprised" by the final ticket tally for sunday's us
tony george is widely believed to be preparing to do what it takes
tony george is in charge
tony george is not as fortunate
tony george is alive and i
tony george is able to make decisions based on sensitivity to long
tony george is confident of making his oval
tony george is one stubborn egomaniac
tony george is a young player with potential
tony george is a great pick in the third round
tony george is "hoping to be
tony george is going to fall away from his original resolve
tony george is at motegi for the cart race
tony george is full of bs
tony george is caught up in the spirit
tony george is here this weekend
tony george is willing to listen to cart's pleas for a way to rejoin the indy 500
tony george is going to keep the struggling series intact
tony george is trying to kill cart by looking at races in japan
tony george is known to have put his support behind fellow american bryan herta's bid to race for minardi at indy
tony george is alive and
tony george is the pat buchanan of motor racing
tony george is tough as hell and he's willing to put his money where his mouth is
tony george is lost for three weeks with a sprained knee suffered saturday
tony george is no exception
tony george is really like

02-06-04, 01:52 PM
:thumbup: :D

02-06-04, 02:02 PM
EARL is a big gay man!

02-11-04, 06:33 PM
flobee is nuked
flobee is nuked http
flobee is and then zooms in
flobee is sent to invade a planet of rock creatures
flobee is a device that attaches to a vacuum cleaner and you set the height of the desired cut and then run it across your head
jeff is undeterred
jeff is a hs god
jeff is optimal for processors" "our hardware java processor is optimized to support jeff
jeff is a file format specification which allows storing
jeff is your nurse
jeff is trying to make a serious and honest comeback
jeff is all that and a bag of chips
jeff is oh ****
jeff is gone uncle jeff is really fun at the fair uncle jeff is still on level 8 uncle jeff is here too uncle jeff is a big sleepyhead uncle jeff is busy
jeff is gonna miss a chance at revenge
jeff is ready to perform at your venue
jeff is a road enthusiast
jeff is weak against fire
jeff is victim of someone's big mouth
jeff is more focused on money moves and line value
jeff is a place to laugh
jeff is carrying links to at information email webmasters and jeff
jeff is a real professional and knows his business
jeff is here to pump you up
jeff is now a little more than a curious onlooker
jeff is the ****
jeff is playing & leave him a message
jeff is a squid
jeff is drawn into the investigation when the victim's wife wants to sell her late husband's lure collection
jeff is working the abs
jeff is the slick twink
jeff is sexfreethumbnails pornography

Im laughing so hard im crying :rofl:

02-12-04, 02:47 AM

some of the more amusing ones in bold:

baffle is warped
baffle is in the standard position and is moved by
baffle is to protect the inner conductor of the horn
baffle is covered with panels that are 25% porous to the wind
baffle is constructed of a series of annuli terminated by a short truncated cone
baffle is required only when the number of storedgetm a5000s is
baffle is not required
baffle is two
baffle is specifically configured to meet the requirements of
baffle is engineered to fit within the physical constraints for clearance and safety yet provide the appropriate sound attenuation for the opening engaged
baffle is engineered to fit either of the mode
baffle is stuck so tight that even quite strong pressure cannot move the baffle
baffle is a kind of gelatenous substance that over time increases in viscosity
baffle is made of a
baffle is 2" wider than the two
baffle is obtained with use of a parametric equalizer in addition to the highpass active filter
baffle is 22 1/2" in diameter
baffle is available for this feeder
baffle is ideal for protecting smaller feeders from squirrels and weather
baffle is to be built
baffle is used to help contain heat as the kiln lid is opened for charging and gathering procedures
baffle is precision cut to fit the inside perimeter of the kiln and is supported with easy to install hardware
baffle is fixed
baffle is a metal device used to keep the heated combustion gases in the flue longer for maximum heat dispersion to the tank water
baffle is 100% recycled plexiglas for easy viewing of your feeder and a generous 17" in diameter
baffle is carefully moved towards the secondary mirror assembly
baffle is very simple
baffle is designed to produce low diffraction effects and to have a nice appearence
baffle is 100% effective but this one is as close as it gets
baffle is a spiral device that hangs down inside the chimney to slow the heat rise from the propane burner
baffle is made of tissue from the pericardium
baffle is inserted in each dorade box to trap and prevent green water from entering the cabin
baffle is 14
baffle is to block light glancing off inside of bearing surface
baffle is a 72" disc that allows the insertion of a driver under test
baffle is the final step
baffle is at a 20 degree angle
baffle is mdf
baffle is on the
baffle is located at the air entrance of the ventilator
baffle is also formed from marble
baffle is the portion of a mouthpiece cavity that starts right behind the tip rail
baffle is placed below engine
baffle is mounted approximately 250 mm
baffle is attached to the
baffle is not specified on the drawings i have available so i positioned it in an imager 3d model that i created from
baffle is 3/4" birch ply
baffle is on both sides
baffle is significant
baffle is not sympathetic vibration
baffle is used
baffle is made of double plates
baffle is only 16 cm wide
baffle is a necessity for ambient stereo multitrack studio recording
baffle is directly on top of the top jet in diffusion pump and works as a "cold cup"
baffle is designed to be inserted
baffle is the key to all this challenger power
baffle is easy to grasp
baffle is placed onto the lens so that it blocks any light from passing through the right half of the lens
baffle is 14 cm
baffle is 6 and a
baffle is an echo of baffle fixtures designed years ago
baffle is a real bungle
baffle is designed for overnight shipments where temperature control is mildly critical
baffle is attached to the impeller and a flat baffle is attached to the runner
baffle is thus restricted to the tangential plane
baffle is sized to just pass the central beam intact
baffle is made of plastic and is curved
baffle is the effluent trough that collects the wastewater and transports it to the next treatment process
baffle is covered with aluminum tape to both increase its reflectivity and prevent light "hot spots" from being seen thru the
baffle is pushed past the last stop
baffle is indexed to the center of the saw blade
baffle is suspended inside the side chamber to guide the exhaled water toward the first valve
baffle is scooped deeper for a darker
baffle is constructed of smc
baffle is clearly preferred
baffle is slotted only at the base
baffle is mounted to the m2 positioning mechanism of the f/16 secondary assembly
baffle is the area inside the mouthpiece that is directly underneath the reed
baffle is about 0
baffle is from a theoretical idea about how the right and left channel sounds will interfere with each other
baffle is a function of its shape
baffle is turned 90 degrees
baffle is made of environmentally compatible polyethylene and is very easy to clean because of the size of the pipes approx
baffle is necessary to dissipate the velocity of the incoming waste and all outlet baffle is necessary to hold floating material in the tank
baffle is a little better
baffle is simple
baffle is only 8 inches wide for outstanding soundstaging and a true 3
baffle is one that goes around a pole under the feeder
baffle is part of the subwoofer box where the subwoofers are mounted
baffle is 13"
baffle is designed to
baffle is specified
baffle is at one of the extreme positions in its scan
baffle is significantly more complex than a single
baffle is 1/2" mdf

02-12-04, 03:40 PM
Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about oddlycalm yet

That's right mate, and that's the way it's going to stay...

02-12-04, 11:23 PM
Using my real name:

"paul gibson is in position 1 at the end of the lap"

sweet! :cool: