View Full Version : JV on JB

01-21-03, 02:06 PM
"I'm not starting the season thinking 'I have to beat Jenson'". I don't care about Jenson! It wasn't the case with some of my other teammates: Damon (Hill) had already won races, Frentzen was considered an extremely quick driver when he came along, same for Olivier Panis. Jenson hasn't done anything yet. I don't see him as the new guy to beat; if I don't beat him, I'd better stay home because that would mean that I don't belong in F1."

"I'm willing to admit that Jenson can compete, but as of now, he hasn't shown anything. Everyone talks about him like he's the next world champion. They say it'll be tough for me, that I need to step up my game, that it'll be a dog fight. I find this insulting, people are putting us on equal footing! I don't see why I should go down to his level."

:eek: :)