View Full Version : Did you see Elvis?

09-22-03, 10:24 AM
He was at California Speedway this past weekend driving a crapwagon..

Film at 11.


09-22-03, 11:25 AM
really don't like seeing James Dean being besmirched in that way.

"Rebel Without A Clue" :gomer:

Mr. Vengeance
09-22-03, 11:58 AM
Why would anyone get a fat, drunk, drug abuser to play Elvis?

Kahauna Dreamer
09-22-03, 12:08 PM
Oh, my God!?!
FONTANA, Calif. (Sept. 10, 2003) – Race fans from around North America would pay some big money to see Al Unser Jr. dressed as Elvis or Tony George as James Dean.

No, I wouldn't...:shakehead :rofl: :saywhat: