View Full Version : Runoffs under Isabel

09-16-03, 11:45 AM
If isabel follows her expected course, that puts her partially over ohio late thursday, early friday.

Would anyone back out if this happens? Would MO and the SCCA have a contingency plan? Lets be honest. Even though she'll lose steam over land, she'll still be packing a punch, making Australia 2002 look like kid's play.


09-16-03, 11:58 AM

Well, I just called MO to find out.

They don't have a contingency plan. The runoffs run....


09-16-03, 12:06 PM
I'm not sure... it could be really fun to watch in the rain. I guess I'll have to see how bad it is Saturday a.m.

09-16-03, 12:28 PM
Its road racing, they race in the rain. The only time they will stop is if they get lightening or the river that forms on the back streach gets bad enough to wait it out.

Personally at least one rain day will be awesome since it will really seperate the men from the boys.

Sean O'Gorman
09-16-03, 12:36 PM
Rain? Hell, three years ago they ran in the SNOW!