View Full Version : NASCAR is a Fan Series

01-20-03, 10:12 AM
http://sports.iwon.com/news/01182003/v0653.html ( Fans Get Time With Favorite NASCAR Drivers )

NASCAR is considering establishing a time and place each weekend for drivers to sign autographs for fans with garage passes. Aside from the area immediately surrounding the team hauler, drivers would be prohibited from signing anywhere else.

For a small fee I'm sure.

Robby Gordon laughingly called it "The Tony Rule," referring to Winston Cup champion Tony Stewart, who has often complained about the stifling presence of fans in the garage, particularly on race mornings.

Toney isn't used to fans at the race.

01-20-03, 01:40 PM
Aren't garage passes already much more restricted in NASCAR than they are in CART?

01-20-03, 02:07 PM
The NASCAR garage area is a disaster waiting to happen.

I'm all for the changes.