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08-26-03, 09:12 PM
At Mid-Ohio.

Best racing in the US, every year.

Who is coming on Sept 15 to 21 (19 to 21 are the race dates)

08-26-03, 09:19 PM
I'm thinking about it. We're going to Cincinnati on Sunday for the Bengals/Steelers game, but it might be fun to go to the track on Saturday. I don't know if nrc will want to go or not.

08-26-03, 10:18 PM
Went to it last year with a couple non-racing fans.....

Beyond me and Nappy both hobbling around cause we both hurt our ankles in separate ways, it was a great weekend.

Definitely in the plans again this year. Hope alot of you guys can make it out.

Its fun to watch. Perhaps Paul Newman will run a car again... This year, number 78(?) matching his age. He finished 7th or 8th last year in a weighted down Gentillozzi Jaguar. His interview after the race, 'I took a top flight car and team and finished where I did. That should tell you something."


08-26-03, 10:45 PM
I think I'm gonna make an honest try to do it this year. I've been telling myself for years to go but never had anybody who wanted to go with me. I we can hook up, Steve, I just might do it.

08-27-03, 07:20 AM
Definite maybe for a one day shot, most likely Sunday.


08-27-03, 02:04 PM
If you can only go one day, which day would be the best??

08-27-03, 04:46 PM
I suppose I should have posted some information in general on the Runoffs, for those of you with questions like the good Dr.

The Runoffs is the Sports Car Club of America’s National Championship race featuring 24 races, one for each SCCA class (http://www.scca.org/amateur/club_racing/classes/index.html), each race which features the top 10 points earning drivers from 8 divisions. Admittedly, for the most part, all you need to do is finish your minimum number of races in most classes in most divisions to make the show, but that is not always the case and in some well represented classes like Spec Racer Ford, Formula Vee and Formula Continental (FF2000), and to a lesser extent Formula Ford and Formula Mazda, particularly in Central Division and North East Division, the participation (http://www.scca.org/amateur/club_racing/02participation.html) is quite high and just to qualify is an accomplishment. For example in 2003 69 different drivers entered in Spec Racer Ford and 58 different drivers entered in Formula Vee from Central Division entered in points races and only 10 from each class will advance to the Runoffs.

The schedule (http://www.scca.org/amateur/club_racing/runoffs/schedule.pdf) has each group running once a day on each day Monday to Thursday, with Monday being practice and the qualifying time coming from the driver's best run in the 3 qualifying sessions held for each class Tuesday through Thursday. Friday, Saturday and Sunday see 8 races on each day.

At to which day is best, that I suppose is in the eye of the beholder. For me, to no surprise, I am drawn to the formula cars, with all but the Formula Atlantics putting on decent shows, and with Formula Vee arguable consistently putting on the best or one of the best shows of the weekends (I hate to say this but think of the product NASCAR, use to, put on the ovals but on a road course – plenty of drafting and passing and 3 wide dices). The other class I believe can legitimately lay claim to best or one of the best year after year is SRF. I think among the others GT-1 (as ‘bird once described on the boards, a poor mans Trans-Am), A Sedan, Showroom Stock C, Showroom Stock B and E Production also tend to put on good shows. Truly there are not many clunkers. Obviously the more entries (http://www.scca.org/amateur/club_racing/runoffs/entry.html) for each class the better the racing tends to be. It looks like SSB, EP, FV, SSC and AS each have over 40 entered in each race (number will dip slightly with people being eliminated in the last points paying races held this weekend).

With Sunday featuring both FV and SRF, and in addition GT1, EP and FC, I would have to go with Sunday as being the best (although by Sunday 2/3 of the competitors and their families have packed and left so the crowd tends to be smallest on Sunday). Saturday is the second best day with Friday having the weakest lineup (this is the first year the SCCA was smart enough to move some of the really good classes out of the Friday slots leaving SSC, in my opinion, the only group with a clearly above average potential).

But to tell you the truth, all 3 days will be good. It’s like going to something like a final 4 in college basketball or something similar. These people have spent a year getting to this race with all winter to repair their cars. Its 24 knock down, drag out fights run back to back over 3 days. People dice for 20th position on the last lap as if its Emmo vs. Lil’ Al in the closing laps of the race previously known as the Indy 500.

Sean O'Gorman
08-27-03, 06:16 PM
I'll be there Saturday and Sunday (probably not Friday), barring any last minute change to go autocross instead.

09-16-03, 12:32 PM
I will be there at least Thursday to Sunday which shall include stints as a crew chief on a formula car.

Live timing




09-16-03, 12:50 PM

09-16-03, 01:11 PM
That pic almost looks like another formula vee crash I saw a couple weeks ago..........


09-16-03, 01:21 PM
Well the #80 (Davis) in the picture above pulled about as boneheaded a move as the one you are thinking of. It was the last lap, and the last good opportunity for him to pass the red car which was in second. Davis what seems like 2 or 3 car legnths behind so what does he do but pull to the inside and goes for it. Unfortunately he moved so far inside he was on the grasss and started spinning. The picture is of him crossing the track at the turn where he now has left the red car with no where to go. I was surprised punches were not thrown.

09-16-03, 01:22 PM
To quote Kramer...

"I'm out!"



09-17-03, 05:43 PM
Well the nut in the picture above going backwards (#80 Steven Davis) is currently on the provisional pole after the second qualifying session.

I guess it pays to show up at the track determined to win or stuff it into the wall trying.

09-19-03, 04:36 PM
Originally posted by Napoleon
I will be there at least Thursday to Sunday which shall include stints as a crew chief on a formula car.

Do you need an unlucky crew? :laugh:

It looks like its a go for me. Probably make it early saturday and stay for 2 days....


09-19-03, 05:35 PM
I think I curse any driver I get near on race day. I'm not even gonna say that I'll crew!

09-20-03, 08:32 AM
Originally posted by Napoleon
I guess it pays to show up at the track determined to win or stuff it into the wall trying. [/B]

Words to live by, Napper. :D

09-23-03, 05:59 AM
Well it was a great 4 days at the track. Sorry more of you could not make it.

09-23-03, 09:21 AM
I was only there on Saturday, but it was fun seeing all the hard core fans at MO. The atmosphere is definitely different than ChampCar races, and the place was packed. The esses were still not as full as they are on CART weekends, but impressive, nevertheless.

Had a nice time hanging out with Nap and his brother, devilmaster and his friend Shawn, XpF and Downshift62 and his friends. Fun day- I'll be back next year.