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08-21-03, 06:35 AM
There is an interesting story in this months Racer on Dale Sr and him racing the GTS Corvette. It says that that he intended to run the car a full season after he retired, which he planned to do at the end of 02, which means he would have run ALMS this year along with Le Mans.

08-21-03, 11:07 AM
I knew that he had the time of his life driving the Vette at Daytona with Jr.

Would have been interesting to watch, no doubt.


08-21-03, 12:45 PM
I didn't care for him as a driver, but this would have (easily) been the biggest thing to hit American road racing in many, many years. Really too bad that he didn't get the chance to make more of a contribution to this side of the sport.

I wish that the Big 3 would use NASCAR drivers (and their immense popularity) to pump road racing and feature their more upscale products. Plus, I'd like to see how much driving talent some of these guys have (or don't have).

BTW, Audi and BMW recently announced sales jumps (in a troubled sector). I don't know how much that had to do with their success at Le Mans and/or in Formula One, but both companies credited Le Mans and ALMS success with sales jumps a few years ago. Possibly the Big 3 should learn from that. Despite what some say, it's been proven that a company's image has much to do with which brands people select from.

08-21-03, 01:48 PM
Originally posted by Jag_Warrior
I didn't care for him as a driver...

Neither did I. All those love taps along the way to victory circle annoyed the heck out of me. All this story does for me is create visions of Earnhardt nerfing his way past the Prodrive and Olive Graden Ferraris...