View Full Version : earl safety team caught high-fiving on video?

08-17-03, 09:15 AM
There's a thread going on in the racing biz forum at TF about earl safety officials high-fiving after an event on the track. The poster apparently had his initial post yanked by admin. :rolleyes: I can't find out cause I've been banned from the earl board.(How coincidental, right after I joined at CW). Seems to have something to do with another possible conflict of interest deal though I'm not completely sure. Anyone know anything?? :confused:

08-17-03, 09:54 AM
The original post said something about the track announcers commenting on the glee of earl officials after Hornish won pole. :rolleyes:

08-17-03, 01:25 PM
I hope Honda's happy. Along with Toyota.

What goes around, comes around.

08-17-03, 03:50 PM
Would these same officials happen to act as course observers? Does Sam need a yellow?

08-17-03, 08:04 PM
I smell a sham.

08-17-03, 09:36 PM
well there was a rumored inquiry about Sam's fuel situation by Barnhart at Michigan.

08-17-03, 09:44 PM
Personally, I found it remarkable that the bumpiest track of the season was also the only one that didn't have a debris yellow. Did the teams finally learn to use Loc-tite?

It couldn't possibly have been that Sam was running away, and that was just fine with the powers that be.