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08-16-03, 09:14 PM
With the new IRL Schedule out, I got to thinking. Lots of people complained about CART not racing on enough ovals thus the need for the IRL. Lets take a look at each of the races on the IRL Schedule, and what their status was in 1995.

Homestead - Wasn't Built (CART raced there as soon as it opened)
Phoenix - CART Raced There
Motegi - Wasn't Built (CART raced there as soon as it opened)
Indianapolis - CART Raced There
Texas - Wasn't Built
Richmond - No CART Race
Kansas - Wasn't Built
Nashville - Wasn't Built
Milwaukee - CART Raced There
Michigan - CART Raced There
Kentucky - Wasn't Built
Pike's Peak - Wasn't Built
Nazareth - CART Raced There
Chicagoland - Wasn't Built
California - Wasn't Built ( CART Raced there as soon as it opened)
Texas - Wasn't Built

Of the ovals that the IRL races at, the only one that existed when CART was busy "abandoning ovals" was Richmond. (And CART did have another oval race at New Hampshire.)

The IRL schedule now consists of tracks that CART was racing at, or didn't exist - and Richmond. The IRL has tried racing at tracks that CART didn't - and learned that the reason CART wasn't there was that there was no market for those races.

Had the IRL not been formed, would CART have added even more oval races? Their track record post-split was to add ovals as they were built. CART added Gateway, Homestead, Fontana, Rio, Chicago, Rockingham, Germany and Motegi.

08-16-03, 10:43 PM
No, but without a Winston Cup date, those new ovals are toast. Lets hope some of the Hulman and Company dollars are in the wind forever.....