View Full Version : Atlantics cost reductions for 2004

08-12-03, 05:22 PM


08-12-03, 05:41 PM
Too little too late in my view.

Hasselgren will get the rebuilder deal likely, Swift will still charge 3 times book for their chassis, and she's gonna limit testing.

Nothing to see here.

08-12-03, 06:39 PM
Sucks IMO. Atlantics was a great training ground for engineers, builders, etc. Making it a faster Barber Dodge is sad.

Dr. Corkski
08-12-03, 07:17 PM
I don't know how much limiting testing will help. I think it will just put more of a premium on the top line engineers that are already getting paid 6-figure salaries.

08-12-03, 08:19 PM
Dr. Corkski gets it.

Try these cost reductions;

30 year old Toyo 4 banger technology at $35,000 a pop? and $8000 per rebuild after 500 miles?

$125,000 for a chassis of dubious design, not including shocks and spares?

$1200 for a set of tyres <-in respect of Truebrit ;) that last one whole heat cycle?

The per diem and top engineer/data/chief salaries are never gonna change, if you want to hire the best people and win, the hotels, airlines, rental companies and restaurants won't offer up a discount cause your a feeder series team, so you're stuck with these costs.

Try harder Vicki. Those 13 car fields, even with Eric "how many gears has this bitch got?" Jensen and his fast rookie, Phillip whatshisname just look sad.

08-18-03, 06:51 PM
Considering this was one of the core issues for CART management, I find this underwhelming for all the reasons already given. Without knowing what the structure is for Toyota's series sponsorship, on the surface it looks to me like they are taking their sponsorship dollars out of the team's pockets.