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08-05-03, 04:48 PM
Anyone want to suggest anything? I still don't know if I am just going Sunday or what.

08-05-03, 04:59 PM

Camp and get loaded with the rest of us!

(And when I say "get loaded", I of course mean to converse with a light-hearted tone)


08-05-03, 05:30 PM
damned dp

take heed kiddies

08-05-03, 05:31 PM
"converse with a light-hearted tone"


I'll be twirlin' up fatties and blowin' more smoke than a Cal Wells Toyota....;)

Get loaded indeed.

Nap, it looks like I'll be wandering the grounds from late Saturday morning to checkered flag Sunday.

08-05-03, 09:18 PM
I'll be twirlin' up fatties and blowin' more smoke than a Cal Wells Toyota....

Bird....That is the funniest thing I have ever read on this board.

C'mon Nappy, You know the flip-cup table is calling your name.

08-06-03, 05:58 AM
I'll keep an eye out for you Nappy.

I know what your flowered gardening apron looks like, but what kind of sparkling water will you be drinking this year? :D

You know where we'll be.

08-06-03, 07:09 AM
On Sunday Natty we will be the same place we were last year (you can join us if you would like), rest of the weekend pretty much all over the place. I am sure we will run into you at some point.

Don Quixote
08-06-03, 02:31 PM
I am flying into Columbus on Saturday and will be at the track all day Sunday, 4 kids in tow. Do we have a secret OC handshake or gangsign to flash?

08-06-03, 04:22 PM
Just spoke to Dave Milligan at the Mansfield News Journal. As usual, they will have a tent set up for us and will be hosting an autograph session for Adrian Fernandez. The newspapers for the weekend will be free this year- Michele Trueman has arranged for that, so be sure to convey your thanks to the TrueSports people for providing fans at the track with all of the weekend newspaper coverage.

At the MNJ tent, there will be chairs set up for the weary, and they also will provide a dry-erase board so that we can leave messages for one another. Thanks so much to the great people from the News Journal for taking such good care of MidOhio's CART fans!

Dirty Sanchez
08-06-03, 04:32 PM
CYAs there :p

Chi-town flag will be flying high.

08-06-03, 04:46 PM
OffCamber grill out after the track action ends at Camp Warlock! in the M-O campgrounds.

Teriyaki chicken breasts and burgers on buns supplied (not to mention the infamous jello shots that appeared at the M-O Open Test).

RaceGrrl will start the official thread for RSVPs.

08-06-03, 10:19 PM
Where will y'all be laying your heads at night?

08-06-03, 10:22 PM
Turn 1,


We will be in the front field along the treeline.