View Full Version : This has been fun...

07-30-03, 10:18 PM
...watching what is going on at a certain prominent earl board for the last couple days.

Does Sam have a magic button?
Was there a legitimate reason for the questionable yellow?
Did his crew ask for it?
Did earl order it?
Did he really speed on pit lane?
Did he jump the start?

Somebody even suggested that it is stuff like this (and Robin Miller pointing it out) that makes him hate CART even more.

You gotta love the Lemmings. They are such sad, pathetic creatures.

07-30-03, 10:31 PM
I suppose in the eyes of IMS, Foyt was known to cheat....or allowed to, so what's the problem?

07-31-03, 09:12 AM
Fixed racing is what it seems like to me. Mysterious debris yellows at oppurtune times, asking who needs gas, changing the engine rules mid-season 'cause the league's goldenboy isn't competitive and is looking towards Nascar. Enough is enough. I won't post over there anymore nor watch another earl race. TF mods are asking, and now threatening (me anyway) anyone asking where there post that disappeared went. Spin control is in over-drive at the Beech forum.

07-31-03, 09:22 AM
The hypocracy going on over in the Earl camp is unbelievable. The sooner crapwagon racing goes down the circular file, the better.