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07-30-03, 11:15 AM

From the top 3 finishers press conference for the Firestone Indy 400 at Michigan International Speedway...

Q. When Hornish was driving off in the sunset, he had close to an eight-second lead. Were you beginning to think, "They gave them a little bit too much of a break," as a Toyota driver?

ALEX BARRON: Who was that?

Q. Hornish, eight seconds ahead.

ALEX BARRON: Did you say the Cosworth? [my note] :laugh: [/my note]Did I misunderstand?

Q. Do you think they gave him a break.

ALEX BARRON: I get it. Sorry. I'm a little slow. Yeah, I mean, I was running with him for 20 laps straight. Like five laps from the end, I don't know if the funny button got pushed or what, but he took off. He had a little bit more power. I was talking on the radio saying, "Something happened. The engine changed note and he's pulling forward a little bit." I didn't know what it was. I didn't have one of those so I was a little bit worried (laughter). He seemed to come back the last two laps. He seemed to come back somewhere to what my speed was, then he just got a good run.

07-30-03, 11:24 AM
Is that the same time that ABC said that Pancho Carter told Sam to "pull the pin?"

07-30-03, 01:35 PM
Chip Ganassi's comment after the Race was typical Chipster!

"Maybe the series will let us build a "one-off" engine, and lets see what happens"