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07-22-03, 11:27 AM
Bumpers has sent me an Email asking if anyone would like to watch Road America there. I'm not sure if JB will show Fox Espanol or if he invested in HD, although it wouldn't surprise me if he did. JB is personal friends with Bobby Rahal, and talked at length with me Sunday about where the fans would be watching Road America. He said that some of the Team Rahal people were also trying to find a place to watch. I know of a couple private veiwing parties and don't know if CART worked out anything with the place down by the arena yet, so if you'd like to spend the afternoon at Bumpers chowing on good food and cold brew of just about any brand including some micro's, either post it here or send me a PM so I can let JB know how many are coming. I'm only the messenger on this one!!


07-22-03, 11:52 PM
I talked with someone at CART today who said that they hoped to have a list posted on CART.com by tomorrow, Friday at the latest, of places to watch the race on HDNet.

They have contacted the Frog, Bear and Wild Boar about having an event there, but haven't heard back yet. Bumpers may still be an option. (per this CART guy)

nrc and I won't be able to go to a viewing party anyway- family reunion, so since we can't get Fox Espanol on our dish, there will be no race for us. :(

07-24-03, 06:35 PM
RaceGrrl worked her Magic....the race can be viewed at

The Frog, Bear, & Wild Boar Bar
343 North Front Street
Columbus, OH
Phone: (614) 621-9453

Pre-race 2:30 :thumbup: :cool: