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01-15-03, 01:50 PM
I got only one word for this.

Here they are...
"The Formula One governing body, the FIA, imposed radical change for this year's World Championship at a meeting in Heathrow on Wednesday when they announced several significant measures for cost cutting.

The 10 team bosses met for the crucial meeting after they failed to concur on initial proposals for the 2003 season and FIA boss, Max Mosley, delivered a stern message for the future.

"Despite the disappearance of two Formula One teams in the past twelve months nothing has been done to save money," the FIA said in a statement. "The teams themselves had several meetings but produced nothing."

The FIA have now banned telemetry to and from the car and have outlawed pits-to-car radio as part of a series of changes to be introduced by the start of this season.

They have also promised to ban traction control, launch control and fully automatic gearboxes by the end of the season and outlawed the use of a spare car, preventing any driver who crashes during qualifying from competing further.

Not only that, but the teams will be forced to use a standard braking system and rear wing in 2004 and will use long-life components, while the manufacturers involved in the sport will be forced to supply all the teams.

By 2005 engine life will be extend from one race, which will be mandatory in 2004, to two and components will be required to last even longer while there will also be stricter penalties for engine changes.

01-15-03, 01:55 PM
Wow... no communcation to the driver at all? Did I read that right?


01-15-03, 01:56 PM
Max Mosley always screws up just as much as he fixes.

Why does a motor have to last two entire races?

Why not just require you must race with the same motor you qualify with? If you swap motors, to the back of the grid.

Don't they understand they're going to completely ruin Friday practice?

01-15-03, 02:02 PM
Do they understand they just bagged the whole idea of F-1?
Fry an engine in a race and sit out the next race too?

Spec wings?
Next up spec angles too?

No spare car?

All manufacturers to supply all players?
I guess this one means we'll be seeing a whole grid of Ferraris in 2004.

Sheesh...looks like Max just signed the death warrant for F-1 the manufacturers are definitely going to take a much harder look at the proposed manufacturers championship that has been on the back burner for a few years now.

01-15-03, 02:08 PM
Not for the first time will I type this, but Max "Brownshirt" Mosley should stick to lawyering...What an absolute IDIOT!!!


01-15-03, 02:18 PM
Here's another idiocy I missed.

Immediately after qualifying the cars will be sealed in the Parc Ferme until race time.

01-15-03, 02:31 PM
Hey, F1, the european version of the IRL!!!

Mandated rear wings. What a joke.

Get rid of TC, LC, and Auto boxes? Actually, I sort of like that one, as long as the gearboxes are allowed to remain semi-auto.

Sounds like a measure guaranteed to get the teams to boycott - which usually means it's a negotiating tool to get at least some movement voluntarily from the teams.

01-15-03, 02:46 PM
What kind of stuff was he smoking?!?!?!?! F1 will no longer be F1... I agree with them on one thing, braking systems, make everyone run steel rotors with mandated rotors, calipers, pistons, and pads, by doing this you can increase the braking distances and possibly allow more passing... The rest of it is just garbage... No spare car?! I wonder if they'd change that rule on the spot if Schumi wrecked in qualifying. One engine per race? Cmon, the engine manufacturers are on the cutting edge of technology, that has always been what F1 is about, if you want duration you have the 24hrs of Le Mans.

Joe in LA
01-15-03, 03:14 PM
Wow, this is almost as bad as some of the stuff proposed over the summer. The no pit to car radio is absurd, and will prevent teams from passing on potentially uselful information such as "the track is blocked in front of you around turn 5, brake immediately."

01-15-03, 04:31 PM
The closer I look at this the more I am convinced it is a gambit on the part of the FIA to force the teams to act.

Basically what I see them doing is saying "Fine boys, since you are incapable of coming up with reasonable cost cutting measures we, to the extent we can within the rules, are going to force a set of unreasonable changes down your throats. Now you all can pick your poison, the FIA's unreasonable proposal, or a reasonable proposal the teams and the FIA can agree too."

Basically its a power play by the FIA.

01-15-03, 04:36 PM
Originally posted by Napoleon
Basically its a power play by the FIA.

Much agreed. Some of these proposals are so out there!? No way this will go down completely.


01-15-03, 05:34 PM
The only things I might tend to agree with are no traction control, launch control, and fully automatic gearboxes. Possibly standard brakes.

But, no radio? That's absurd.

The thing about manufacturers supplying all teams is a little vague to me. They might be saying that the standard wings and brakes be supplied by a separate company, not affiliated with a team.

RacinM3 has it right. Max is inviting revolt and forcing future compromise.

01-15-03, 05:42 PM
Originally posted by damiandoan
Some of these proposals are so out there!?

Makes you wonder if the FIA is run by the same guy who runs North Korea.

Has anyone ever seen the 2 of them in a room at the same time?

01-15-03, 05:43 PM
It's the end of F1 as we know it/
and I feel fine...

I wonder how this hand will play out?

01-15-03, 05:52 PM
Originally posted by pchall
I wonder how this hand will play out?

Especially considering the supposed close ties of Bernie & Chris... Like Nappy & I said above some of these rules are so far out there, that they have to be the beginning of a bargining point, no?


01-15-03, 06:09 PM
The six races on a motor by 2006 is the kicker. What???? How in the heck is that going to work?

01-15-03, 06:58 PM
Spec wings? Why that's as dumb an idea as the HandfordJobbenDevizen.

No Spare Car? Please. You could buy a race ticket and never see your favorite driver have a chance to make the race.

Motor for multiple races? Define the motor. Is it a block, a cam, all the cams, a bolt, specifically what has to last multiple races - all of it?

The no telemetry, radio, automatic xmission I actually like.

Standard braking system? What is this? It sounds like they have that already - CF rotors, CF pads, hydraulics.

01-15-03, 10:28 PM
Hmmmm? F1 becoming CART like? Do we have a better business model?

01-16-03, 10:19 AM
The spare car ban has me confused..they've lost four cars from the grid already..and NOW they want to ban the back-up cars?? The grid for Monaco is gonna look pretty sparse....

Max is a complete and total fool, and has gone completely off his rocker on this one..His last brain farts gave us cars the same size as F-3's and wooden bloody tyres..Somebody needs to shut him up..Or maybe THIS is why the manufacturers are all bolting in 2006...



01-16-03, 10:23 AM
This has to be nothing more than a scare tactic. No pit-to driver radio? "Um, your right rear tire is going down, too bad we can't tell you about it."

I'd be surprised if 25% of this nonsense comes to pass.

01-16-03, 01:45 PM
Well, I've refrained from reacting to the changes until I can get a better picture of how it will affect the stability and popularity of the sport.

Precious little of the driver-aid change is going to juggle the finishing order of the field.

The idea of less driver aids appeals to some. No individual driver is going to be greatly elevated because he's shifting for himself and doesn't have traction or launch control. Neither is any individual driver going to suddenly find himself out of his element because of it. Verstappen isn't suddenly going to explore more beaches than before......if that indeed is possible. Ferrari isn't going to suddenly become a mid-packer because they no longer have traction or launch control. They didn't even have the best TC or LC anyway. Concensus was that Renault did.

Everything that makes the car go faster is a driver aid. The electronics are toward the bottom end of importance as far as I'm concerned. The cars will sound better without the interruptive "BRAAAAP" in the middle of the corners. Juan and Jacques will likely be more entertaining broadsliding through corners with their new-found throttle control steering.......as they continue their respective 3rd and 9th place finishes. Michael will win a race in the rain by a minute and a half.......and some wag will opine that he's "reinvigorated" himself.

The 6-race engine, the mandated engine-supply, the standardized parts, and other rules proposals that fly in the face of the spirit of Formula One are FIA muscle-flexing. Like the stock market in recent times, Formula One popularity was artificially inflated. Give Bernie his due.......F1 was popular with a segment of fans because Bernie said it should be. Change the structure of Formula One enough in an effort to retain these viewers.....and you'll lose the backbone of F1 aficionados. Not to mention some of the manufacturers.


Joe in LA
01-16-03, 05:24 PM
I like the no driver aids part--if it can be effectively policed. And I would like to see the drivers who are prone to an oversteer set up get a little freedom, but too much of this doesn't make sense to me. No radio is a bad idea--i guess it helps prevent "fixed" finishes, but it has a lot of downsides. The mandatory rear wing seems unnecessary, and the six race engine just doesn't work for me.

The one thing I found interesting was the rule about multiple teams using third party supplied equipment. Is this the opening for customer chassis from non-F1 competitors? Lola?

01-16-03, 05:36 PM
Originally posted by Joe in LA
The one thing I found interesting was the rule about multiple teams using third party supplied equipment. Is this the opening for customer chassis from non-F1 competitors? Lola?

Open source F1? :eek: What would they licence it under? F1GPL? :saywhat:

01-21-03, 05:59 AM
Max is having flashbacks to 1967, when he had that unfortunate incident where he accidentally put a sugar cube with 1000 mics of Owsley's finest into his tea.

So what will Max propose for 2007, mandating I-6 cylinder diesels and requiring them to last all season...?;) How about smoke signals from the pits? Perhaps a navigator/mechanic in a 2nd seat?