View Full Version : NASCAR launches new international division in Brazil

11-16-22, 11:45 PM

Brazil will have its very own NASCAR-sanctioned series. On Wednesday, the union between the biggest category of American motorsport and the GT Sprint Race - one of the most important series in Brazil - was officially announced, thus creating the NASCAR Brazil Sprint Race. Brazil will become the sanctioning body’s fourth international division and first in South America, joining Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

Thus ending the Brazil pipeline to IndyCar

opinionated ow
11-17-22, 04:19 AM
I don't think it will make a skerrick of difference to the Brazilians to IndyCar pipeline. It hasn't made a different to the Canadians or Europeans or even the Mexicans. Brazil is still a country in love with open wheel racing and it has always had a strong stock car/touring car category or several. If I was the operators of Stock Car Pro Series (formerly Stock Car Brasil) I might be a little more worried, but this isn't a major series in Brazil as of yet so maybe not.

11-17-22, 01:12 PM
skerrick of difference

Oooh. New word to my Aussie dictionary. Thanks OOW. :)