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06-26-21, 11:40 PM
Today Missy and I returned to Mid-Ohio for the first time in 18 years. The last time we were there was their last Champcar race. For a while that was about open wheel politics but eventually it was just about the state of racing in general.

The Vintage Grand Prix seemed like a good opportunity to visit for old time's sake. It was a beautiful day so we got our traditional track day sunburn. Some of the vintage clases feel more like a lapping session than a race but among some of the newer classes the drivers seemed pretty serious.

Highlight of the day was the TA2 race where Adam Andretti put on a great show battling for second with Connor Mosack through most of the race.


The facility hasn't changed all that much. They've maintained it very well but I didn't notice any major upgrades. There's a large permanent shelter for hospitality now where we sat in one of the big sponsor tents and listened to Bobby Rahal tell a fan town hall how important Champcar was to him. I didn't check to see if there was a plaque on there commemorating the event.

06-28-21, 12:02 AM
Mid-Ohio 38 years later.


Ha math fail. I originally put 18 years later. If only... :D

Elmo T
06-28-21, 07:49 AM
Great photo...

I was hoping to get back there this year, but alas it is not in the cards.

Vintage GP was always fun to see the cars but seldom very racy. When the kids were small it was a one day visit. Then off to the zoo the next day. :)

opinionated ow
06-28-21, 10:08 AM
Vintage racing is always a great day out. I've been fortunate enough to attend the Goodwood Revival thrice. Without a doubt one of the best events of the year, of any variety