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opinionated ow
06-13-21, 07:10 AM
I've been looking forward to seeing this series run since they announced it and the quality drivers. I'm very much on Team Ernie Francis Jr.

Found the race on youtube which saves me from having to look in more nefarious locations on the internet. CBS did a good job of the broadcast and both Allan Bestwick and Danica Patrick proved to be fairly ok to listen to. Full marks to Stewart and Evernham for getting it live TV on network on 6 consecutive Saturdays!


06-14-21, 11:35 PM


06-15-21, 12:13 AM
Funny to hear that Marco Andretti has come and gone in "Indy Car" since I stopped watching.

Interesting collection of drivers.

nissan gtp
06-15-21, 07:30 PM
this was so contrived, it makes Nascar look like Can-Am

06-25-21, 05:06 PM
this was so contrived, it makes Nascar look like Can-Am

My son likes this version of IROC.

He's grounded. :D

06-26-21, 09:28 PM
I just stumbled on this on CBS during the 2nd heat of qualifying (?). I laughed my arse off at the segment on PT and all the ragging on him by everyone. It may not be much on racing but, as with the NASCAR thread, it's entertaining.