View Full Version : Laguna Seca BDPS

07-08-03, 11:25 PM
TiVo recorded the Laguna Seca BDPS round for me over the weekend. If you missed this one you missed a good one.

Maia spun to the back on the first lap (with help) and then charged back up through the field to fourth by the end. Dan Di Leo led the whole way, but there was plenty of action behind him.

The best part was that they had Chris Baker hooked up not only with a visor cam, but also a microphone. I don't know whether the guy normally talks to himself during the race, but he talked through almost all the parts where they were showing the visor cam.

He had several entertaining remarks during the race, including a "Zanardi style!" exclamation when he got into the corkscrew too hot and had to shortcut the apex.

The best part was when Maia forced his way through in the high speed turn six on the way up to the corkscrew and pinched Baker off the track. Baker goes dirt tracking across the runoff area and manages to save what looks like a sure trip into the tires. But even better, from the visor cam, you hear him say, "Oh, good move, jackass" and then see him save it with one hand on the wheel while flying Maia the bird. SPEED tiled out the gesture, but it was obvious.