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07-06-03, 06:10 PM
We arrived at the track Friday and met up with people almost right away, but Saturday was a GREAT day!! After making the rounds and getting Mello to take some up close pics of the Players pit(go figure!), we took our place in the grandstand and during the middle of the final Champcar warmup, I heard the Magic words that would make any husband proud to be married. My wife said "Next year when we come...". I'm not too sure what she uttered after that, I was so overcome with joy! Anyway, she is planning on Paddock passes, Start/Finish seating, the whole package! We start saving today!!
Thankyou to everyone for welcoming her and making her feel welcome.:D

07-06-03, 09:24 PM
What can I say DjDrOmusic..... she's a treasure! :)

07-07-03, 02:34 AM
Originally posted by RaceChic
What can I say DjDrOmusic..... she's a treasure! :)

Hey Lady, I came back to the Labatt hut to let you know the time but you were gone!! And I forgot to give you the $30 for the hat...:(

...and yes she is, I can't believe an ogre like me has someone like her!